Few significant measures to give Sustainability a New Dimension

Mr. Greg Peebles certainly doesn’t let grass grow under his feet. Remember his reforestation drive which began in summer? While he understood that one way of helping mother earth survive is to increase the green cover; he has come around to the notion that it needs to be backed by agroforestry efforts to become sustainable. There can be no denying the value of such measures in climate change mitigation efforts. The afforestation drive was calculated to reduce carbon dioxide levels. The agroforestry push expects to substantially enrich biodiversity.

Most Efficient Land Use

Canada has nine percent of the entire globe’s forest cover. Yet, agroforestry, which relies on small scale growing of fruits and vegetables, hasn’t been given any major thought or policy modification to encourage its widespread adoption. It is a major tool in savvy land use, as it prevents land degradation. Peebles explains that when perennial trees have fruits and vegetables growing in the spaces between each tree, it reduces potential leaching of the nutrients of the soil through complex plant communities, while preventing soil erosion. However, selection of crop types can’t be the same the world over, he points out. They need to be matched to prevailing climate and weather conditions.

Sustainability: Such agroforestry measures are not only environmentally sound; they are sustainable over an extended period. The ecological benefits of this plant diversity can’t be overstated as it goes a long way in encouraging birds and other small animals to live on such land; thus, strengthening the food chain and improving biodiversity.

Nutritional Security for the Not-So-Rich and the Marginalized

More countries are beginning to realize the value of agroforestry in providing nutritional security. Peebles understands that not everyone in a developed economy like Canada is wealthy. Those who live close to forest areas, or near the areas where he launched his afforestation drive can benefit richly by growing fruits and vegetables. While it ensures a measure of nutrition on every table of the growers; the surplus provides them a source of income to take care of other necessities. The stubbles of the plants can be used to produce biogas for heating purposes in the winter months.

Protecting Natural Heritage Features and Ecological Processes

Peebles informs that leaving the stubble of farm produce on the ground during the bitter winter months prevents soil erosion during the thaw in spring, Further, it breaks up naturally to mix with the soil creating organic fertilizers. Alternatively, the stubbles can be dug up, and collected in a covered pit to decompose over the winter months. Few people are aware, he tells us, that such tree intercropping results in less residual inorganic nitrogen left behind in the soil. It also radically reduces moisture evaporation during the summer months.

Water quality improves significantly: As the plants grown in agroforestry filter the rain water; it significantly improves the quality of water stored below the soil. By preventing excessive runoff, it contributes to keeping the water table stable. Peebles has been toying with the idea of creating riparian buffers at strategic points. Though riparian plantings are relatively scarce in Canada; it is vital to increase their numbers to provide appropriate buffers near streams, rivers, and lakes which prevent harmful effluents entering water bodies.

Awareness and Cooperation of the General Public Required

Until Canadians in general begin to understand the value of these measures, Peebles’ efforts run the risk of being restricted to only areas where he can directly intervene. To make it into something involving cooperation and involvement of the populace, he has plans up his sleeves on how to cause the re-greening of mother earth into a national drive powered by public support.

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